Western North Carolina's central point is Buncombe County North Carolina. We will be updating this site daily with fresh news from the area, and from several points of view. Stay tuned for some of the best info ever.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Reynold's Mountain new entrance right off the Highway!

Reynold's Mountain has their new entrance in right off of the New Bridge exit in the North Asheville Woodfin area. They are preparing for a beautiful little Town Square soon with the Food Lion shopping center. One of the main foundation buildings is under construction and the YMCA is the main tenant. Other shops and offices will also be in the building. The roads are paved and several other building pads are sitting around getting ready for construction. Awesome plans for this development and the entrance right off of the highway is a key attraction. Talk about directional marketing. Just get off of the New Bridge exit in North Asheville Buncombe / Woodfin, go to the light, and just go straight ahead up the nicely paved mountain.

Versant on the other hand is getting hassled by local creditors and subcontractors. Reynold's Mountain is much more involved in the local community, while Versant focuses on networking outside of Asheville.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

West Buncombe Sand Hill Road Expansion

Finally, the road is widening in this booming area on the West Side of Buncombe County. Sand Hill Rd. has a lot of traffic. It connects you into West Asheville, Candler, and Brevard Road. A large development was planned to go in on the right side of this road, but the market conditions forced them to postpone construction. The Biltmore Square Mall is about 3 minutes up the road to the right from this location.

Sand Hill Elementary, schools out... cars go in and out like clockwork

With the small layout of space that they have over here in this West Buncombe Elementary School, they do wonders. The cars go through a type of maze, you call your kids name out at one place, you go around a little circle and your child is out there waiting. Great school and great staff. One of the benefits of living in Buncombe County. Also a pic of some students taking the flag down for the evening. Check out the Western North Carolina mountains in the backround of this bottom photo. Beautiful!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barnardsville, Woman Found Dead on 12/8/08

Buncombe County Deputies investigate the discovery of a female body under a bridge on Highway 197 near Barnardsville. A DOT worker found the body while conducting a routine inspection of the bridge Monday afternoon.

Investigators are not giving out many details about the case, but say the body will be sent to Chapel Hill Tuesday for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
They are also checking to see if the body matches any local missing persons reports.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office at 828-250-6670.

See the video on ABC 13.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Adding AskAsheville.com Banners to your website

If you are going to give visitors an Asheville resources link, why not make it AskAsheville.com. You cannot find a better resource that has more information and links to everything in Asheville, Buncombe County, and Western North Carolina. The search engine alone has over 3500 companies in it, never mind all of the other Asheville resources and links. Here are some of their banners. Maybe you would like to add the best Asheville information hub to your website.

AskAsheville.com Asheville's Search Engine

AskAsheville.com Asheville's Search Engine

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AskAsheville.com Asheville's Search Engine

Or just go to AskAsheville.com/banners to see all of them and pick one out.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

North Buncombe Weaverville Christmas Parade 2008

Everyone was excited about the Weaverville North Carolina Marching Band and Flaggers!

One of the only times you get to ride your tractor down Main Street anymore

This lady was too excited about catching a stuffed animal off one of the floats

Military gives out info at the Weaverville Christmas Parade

The cold happy Weaverville residents loving the Christmas Parade

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Building in North Buncombe still vacant

This beautiful building, right next to the big Post Office and new State Employees Credit Union in Weaverville North Carolina is sitting here vacant waiting for the market to pick back up. Great location in a big growing area.

Buncombe County Building Inspectors Truck

I know some of these guys are wondering where their 4x4's are in this County. I know contractors who can hardly get to some of their jobsites without a giant 4 wheel low, so I do not know how they do it.

New Bridge Baptist Church in North Buncombe

Well technically it is right outside the Asheville City limits, and a nice property positioned well with a great group of people who care about the community.

Prisoners Work the Highways, by shotgun

Inmates, most likely from the Buncombe County Correctional facility, regularly clean up the highways in the area. These inmates are in brown meaning that they have been serving felon time. Inmates in green do not have armed officers supervising them usually.

North Buncombe, New Bridge Commons under construction

As the North end of Asheville Buncombe expands, developers are building the New Bridge Commons in Woodfin North Carolina right across from New Bridge Baptist Church. Coming from Asheville, you go North on 19/23, get off on the Elk Mountain Road exit, bear right to the light, make a left, and it is down the road on the left right before the light.

Some Hwy Signs in Buncombe County

Just snapped a few photos off of my videos and I always like directional signs for some reason, so here they are.

Logging goes on all of the time

Here is a photo of a log transport truck on I-26 in Buncombe County. I hear people constantly looking for someone to come and get some trees off if their property. Sometimes if this property is in the right place, the loggers will even pay for the lumber. I believe most of them ask for easy access and at least a double load like this photo shows. If it is any different of a situation, you may end up paying to have them removed. The life of a logger!