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Monday, December 15, 2008

Reynold's Mountain new entrance right off the Highway!

Reynold's Mountain has their new entrance in right off of the New Bridge exit in the North Asheville Woodfin area. They are preparing for a beautiful little Town Square soon with the Food Lion shopping center. One of the main foundation buildings is under construction and the YMCA is the main tenant. Other shops and offices will also be in the building. The roads are paved and several other building pads are sitting around getting ready for construction. Awesome plans for this development and the entrance right off of the highway is a key attraction. Talk about directional marketing. Just get off of the New Bridge exit in North Asheville Buncombe / Woodfin, go to the light, and just go straight ahead up the nicely paved mountain.

Versant on the other hand is getting hassled by local creditors and subcontractors. Reynold's Mountain is much more involved in the local community, while Versant focuses on networking outside of Asheville.

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