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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buncombe County Video Gaming Headquarters

This gaming place in Asheville Buncombe is just too cool. From Patton Ave, you turn right on Leicester Hwy, go about 5 miles, and it is right behind McDonald's on the right. A nice relaxed environment with plenty of big screen tv's, game tables, pool tables, ping-pong tables, giant wall tv (football was on when we were there), drinks, snacks (lower pricing if I may add), and a line of computer against the side wall. This is the perfect place to go and take the family for a few hours, and that is very very possible when it is only 4 bucks an hour! They will have a great time want to come back for weeks. Great business that is run by a retired Army MP and his two sons who are very good at dealing with a bunch of gamers, lol. You can visit their website at www.VirtualAmbush.com. Averages ages that were there when we went... from 5 years old to some parents, teens, and some adults playing on the large game board in the room center on the right side. Boy/Girl ratio was 75% boys, and 25% girls. Non-Smoking and no alcohol at all.

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