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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Enka Candler Fire Dept & Buncombe EMS to the rescue

Out on the West Side of Buncombe County the other day, we saw Engine 10 from the West Asheville Fire Department racing out toward Candler. They ended up going into the Food Lion parking lot (behind Sonic) and heading toward Rite Aid. Engine 10 ended up turning around because the Enka Candler Fire Department already had it covered. Somebody had a seizure and they quickly came to rescue. Thank you. It is so good to know that the people in public service and rescue efforts all team up together to save a life. Firefighters risk their lives daily to protect and save each one of us. Sometimes I have to see a situation like this to stress the importance of this type of work. In a day when most of the "Heroes" our kids see are on TV, please remember the folks that go out there every day protecting and preventing accidents and other mishaps. Buncombe Country is such a great place with so many great people.

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